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Vanzin Truck RackThe Vanzin Truck Rack
           - Style With Strength -

STYLE – Vanzin racks have the most advanced design of any overhead ladder truck rack on the market today. Besides its elegant lines, the rack has no visible nuts or bolts to rust, or squeak.

FIT - Vanzin racks are truck model-specific for a great fit on your truck.

NO DRILLING OPTION – Although the bottom rail of the rack can be bolted onto the bedrail of the truck, it is also designed to accept the U.S. Rack Super Clamps, a low profile but heavy duty clamp-on system. These clamps are a great investment to avoid drilling and preserve the resale value of your truck

View the assembly of the Vanzin Rack!

Click the play button to the left to view the assembly procedures for the Vanzin Truck
. See the style and strength features
unfold before your eyes.

You will see how the Vanzin Truck Rack is
truly a high strength rack manufactured with


Stakepocket Rack
The Stake Pocket Rack works with tonneaus, and carries ladders, lumber, kayaks, canoes, or other cargo weighing up to 500 lbs. It can be installed or removed within 5 minutes without drilling. The width is adjustable, and fits any full-size truck with stake pockets. An extra large rack is available for Ford F-250/350 and Dodge Ram 2500/3500, and long bed trucks.


3 Ladder Rack The height of the Three-Ladder Rack is adjustable to fit most any model truck. It mounts securely to the bedrail without drilling, using an integrated clamping system. Just two small 3/8 inch holes must be drilled in the bottom of the truck bed to secure the base. You can remove or remount this rack in less than two minutes.

Sawhorse Rack The Hawaiian Sawhorse Rack is designed to carry, among other items, ladders, lumber, pipe, or watercraft. It installs easily without drilling into your pickup. You can remove it in less than 5 minutes, and use it as two sawhorses at a worksite, or use it as two storage stands.



Vanzin Rack STYLE – The Vanzin rack has the most advanced design of any overhead ladder rack on the market today. Besides its elegant lines, the rack tubes have no visible nuts or bolts to rust and squeak. Watch the video above to see how simple and strong the assembly is.
STRENGTH – The Vanzin Rack is a full-duty rack capable of carrying the full truck rating of the manufacturer. Round steel tubing and a powerful internal tube connection system guarantee strength and reliability.


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